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Radar detector and dash cam install

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Just finished my radar detector and dash cam hardwire installation. I thought I’d share the information in case others find it useful.

-Escort/Beltronics radar detector powered using mirror tap
-Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 powered using Garmin’s hard wire kit using fuse taps from the passenger footwell area

Parts used:
Mirror tap for Escort
Garmin parking mode hardwire kit
Some micro 2 fuse taps which I already had in my garage

I wish I could have just powered the dash cam from the mirror as well but Garmin needs a 3-wire power module to automatically switch between driving mode and parking mode. This module wouldn’t fit behind the mirror. So I ran the wire behind the passenger side door seal down into the fuse box located at the passenger footwell.

Mirror tap was very easy, I used the thinner prongs and got accessory power from the black and green wires. Counterintuitively, the black wire seems to be positive, go figure.

For the dash cam power module, I found two 20A fuses that are “spare” according to the manual. They are:
#4: permanent 12V
#37: accessory 12V
Ground was easy, there is a bolt just at the edge of the carpet.

Main goal was to keep these units out of sight and I’m pretty happy with the results!

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JUst FYI. I installed the same Blackview 900 2ch as James K and it is a nice camera. Rather than route the wires on the driver's side, I ran the back camera on the passenger side. The power for the front camera was routed on the passenger side and down the A-pillar to the fuse box in the passenger footwell. (It seemed easier than having to go through the firewall to tap into the battery.) Battery and Accessory taps were done with micro fuse taps. I opted not to spring for the power magic pro or aux battery. My truck is on parking mode for days with the camera keeping watch. The LVB does discharge but the HVB kicks in and charges it up when it gets low. The only issues I experience are the constant notifications of a power system drain. Just an annoyance.
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