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Pulling the Plug after 6,000 MILES!

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First off I LOVE this truck, I have made several long distance drives these past two months and have loved driving it.
But, I am sad to say I am letting it go after this last drive. A nine hour drive took over 14 hours due to problems at EA chargers along the route
from Balto to Indy.
The 22 degree weather killed our range and here I am driving a $80K truck with the heat off to make it to our next stop. Why?
I think the real kicker was when we stopped at a Sheetz station and there was a line of 8 cars waiting to charge at the 4 chargers. I looked at the gas pumps, no lines. Why am I doing this.

I plan on coming back to this in a couple of years once I can pull into a staion with 100% confidence that I'll get a charge and be on my way in 20 min.

Best wishes to all of you early adopters.
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1st time pure EV owner here. As a retired test pilot I have 2 takes.

This is new and cutting edge for regular consumers and there will be a learning curve, infrastructure limitations, and mistakes. And the 580 hp is just pure fun.

Planning a trip is no different than planning a flight. Would you take off not knowing if there's fuel when you get there? Know your range. Understand how weather will impact the trip. They've worked out the kinks in commercial and military aviation. It's just a matter of time until EV's are a significant part of ground transportation and I personally like being the tip of the spear.
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Luckily I haven't had those kind of experiences yet but I'm sure I will. In the military we always had a plan B, C, D, etc. So far that philosophy has worked for over 200 years.
So why can't someone make an adapter so we can use the Tesla network?
I hear you. I had to have one too.
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