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Pulling the Plug after 6,000 MILES!

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First off I LOVE this truck, I have made several long distance drives these past two months and have loved driving it.
But, I am sad to say I am letting it go after this last drive. A nine hour drive took over 14 hours due to problems at EA chargers along the route
from Balto to Indy.
The 22 degree weather killed our range and here I am driving a $80K truck with the heat off to make it to our next stop. Why?
I think the real kicker was when we stopped at a Sheetz station and there was a line of 8 cars waiting to charge at the 4 chargers. I looked at the gas pumps, no lines. Why am I doing this.

I plan on coming back to this in a couple of years once I can pull into a staion with 100% confidence that I'll get a charge and be on my way in 20 min.

Best wishes to all of you early adopters.
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So we were going from Balto to Indy all along Rt 70 No chargers to be found in WVA, period so only Ohio, and Pittsburgh. We tried stops at Wallmart and EA chargers. At each stop along the way 1 out of 4 would work and if we did get one to work max was 45KW, never 150KW. The only good charge we were able to get was EVGO at a Target but had to drive 25 miles to and from so lost 50 miles net anyway. The line at the Sheetz Bedford PA was crazy as everyone that gets on the Turnpike stops there on other chargers on the Turnpike. I will miss the truck :(
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Funny you ask, as several of us were on hold for 20 min plus before I gave up. Holiday travels so they must have been overloaded. It is sad, as the truck is a great ride but not worth all the effort for long trips. Tesla got it right with their charger network. I was at a gas station off 81 and right there were 10 Tesla chargers in a row all empty. Yet no charger for me! Very limited real charging options on the road.
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New Update! So I went out and test drove 3 SUVs and to be candid they all suck. Not going to be easy to go back to an ICE vehicle. What to do??
OK I tried a Ford Explorer limited, same dealer where I bought my truck they were willing to give me a great deal, drove the Explorer and it just seemed so unrefined. Next a Volvo 90 plug in Hybrid. Better ride but so underpowered. End of that one. Last was the Hyundai Palisade, not a bad ride just not for me. Tomorrow is Yukon and Toyota. In the end I may just go back to a 150. Is there any truth that Tesla chargers will be avaiable next year?
So I love the truck not even a question. In fact I am having such a hard time with what is the best way to work around my issues with charging. I work all over the country and many places are in the middle of ?? So to go and look for a working charger is a real problem that I have yet to solve.
Evan - You have it all good. I have found keeping the speed below 70 and watching what I ma using for interior power (seats, steering wheel heater etc) really make a difference. I have purposely been using only 1 Pedal and this does extend my range on suburban roads but not highway. Being on the leading edge is not always easy but it is workable and have no issues so far just proper planning.
So I hear you but even the best planning does not fix broken defective charging stations or 30% battery reduction in 25 degree weather. I laugh when I hear folks say just turn off your heat and drive 65 Mph till you make your next stop. With that said now I have a new problem, I can not find anything I want to drive other than the lightning. Money being no object! Going in I was naive thinking charging would not be a problem. I am sure two years from now it won't be. For someone that drives 2-3K miles a month it is a problem.
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1st time pure EV owner here. As a retired test pilot I have 2 takes.

This is new and cutting edge for regular consumers and there will be a learning curve, infrastructure limitations, and mistakes. And the 580 hp is just pure fun.

Planning a trip is no different than planning a flight. Would you take off not knowing if there's fuel when you get there? Know your range. Understand how weather will impact the trip. They've worked out the kinks in commercial and military aviation. It's just a matter of time until EV's are a significant part of ground transportation and I personally like being the tip of the spear.
I agree one 100% I am ex military myself. If we are asked to deploy we needed fuel to do so. No fuel and you are stranded. Nothing wrong with the truck, but what do you do when there are only 3 places to charge in a 300 mile trip and only 1 charger is working, you can plan all you want but it does make a difference when there is no way to charge. I know it will get better but not in the next 6-12 months.
Great article as to the problem Ford is facing with charging issues. This is dated at the start of this year and yet here we are, still a long way off.
I was aware of this as well. Another big problem is there is a shortage of service techs in this industry. These chargers use power electronics/ data coms/ and security systems. On top of this there is still a shortage of power semiconductor devices. Bad combination.
It is no suprise that Tesla made the investment up front to support the vehicles. I suspect Ford and GM will have to do the same very soon for all the reasons you stated. I do know of a couple of companies that are going to use Solar Panels to charge batteries 24/7 and have these work without the grid.

So Tesla has opened it chargers to the genral public in Europe and the plan is for it to happen sometime next year here in the US.
If I was a Tesla owner I dont think I'd be very happy a bunch of Lightnings taking the few spots, or us having an extra surcharge. I have already had a couple of cases where there was a $5 weekend surcharge at a Evgo unit at a BP station!
I can brekeven not a problem, dealer is great. My issue I am hooked on this truck and nothing else is what I want to drive going forward. Good probelm to have, right!
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