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Pulling the Plug after 6,000 MILES!

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First off I LOVE this truck, I have made several long distance drives these past two months and have loved driving it.
But, I am sad to say I am letting it go after this last drive. A nine hour drive took over 14 hours due to problems at EA chargers along the route
from Balto to Indy.
The 22 degree weather killed our range and here I am driving a $80K truck with the heat off to make it to our next stop. Why?
I think the real kicker was when we stopped at a Sheetz station and there was a line of 8 cars waiting to charge at the 4 chargers. I looked at the gas pumps, no lines. Why am I doing this.

I plan on coming back to this in a couple of years once I can pull into a staion with 100% confidence that I'll get a charge and be on my way in 20 min.

Best wishes to all of you early adopters.
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I think some of us will muddle thru the 'infrastructure' issues, as I had my own today, but when we have a 'normal' 15 minute fill-up at almost any interstate off ramp, and know that chargers WORK when you arrive... we'll have a more 'normal' driving experience.

I've actually had GOOD experiences will all of the EA chargers this week, from Alabama to Tennessee to Georgia... 135-150kw speeds, as well. Chargepoints may be more easily found, but they tend to only be 50-64kw, at best.

One Chargepoint today, in Canton GA at the Kroger, would not show in the Ford App as a 'choice' of local chargers, and when I arrived, and found it on my Ford Pass app, it showed as 'not available'... although I simply used my Chargepoint 'wallet' on my iPhone by tapping the front of the unit - it worked with no issue.

On one of the EA fast chargers, one 'side' would not activate, but the other 'side' would. Strange, but it's the course in today's environment - we 'want' all the chargers to work, since there's few options otherwise.
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not everyone is going to buy the 'first' of anything, and they also don't want to get caught buying the LAST of anything... esp goes a long way in predicting the future and not making ANY mistakes... well, for those of us who are perfect, anyway. Oh well. Life's tough. I guess I'll just have to keep driving an 'average' New Ford LIGHTNING that seemingly everyone wants. Oh well.
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