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Problem: Auto Fold Mirror not folding anymore

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I took my truck to get washed, I noticed one of the mirrors was folded in. I closed the door and locked it to see if they would "reset" and auto fold. It didn't, I tried locking and unlocking but it did not fix itself. I checked the settings and they are enabled.

Any idea on what to try next?
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My mirrors today just randomly did not fold when I locked the truck. Neither mirror had been folded or was out of place. I operated them a bit with the controls and tried again and they started working again. Not liking the randomness of this on a brand new truck.
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I have seen the problem a couple more times since I wrote that. I am still waiting for a "module" (whatever that is) to be delivered to my dealer. Supposedly that is what is causing some software anomalies on my truck. 4 months since I took delivery ... I still cannot set a charge limit for the truck; I have to set a timer on my phone and manually unplug the truck to keep it from going past 80-85%. The mirrors are one of the anomalies ... the radio comes on (sometimes) when I start the truck; even if I have turned it off before shutting down. Basically, the Ford Pass App doesn't work very well for me because of this issue.
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