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Pro charger vs. Standard charger - questions

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I will be picking up the truck in a few weeks and it comes with the both the standard and pro charger. My understanding is the main benefits of having the pro charger installed is:

1) Faster charging
2) home backup (*if I pay to have it setup)

I am thinking of not having the backup power installed, I already have a Honda Generator that my house can run on and I don't know if I want my truck out of commission when power is out.


1) If I am not using the home backup should I just get a NEMA 14-50 installed and go with the standard charger that comes with the truck?
2) If by chance I want to use my truck as generator could I just plug it into the outlet that I use with my generator that is already installed? (see photo)

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1) Depending on the wiring you can get up to 80 amps (19.2 kW) of power with the Ford Charging Station Pro, often referred to as FCSP or CSP. The Ford Mobile Charger maxes out at 32 amps (7.7 kW). You can decide how much charging capacity you need based on how you use your truck. Some feel the Mobile Charger is not as robust as the FCSP.

2) The Lightning has a bonded neutral. There's a lot written about this but the gist is you need a transfer switch that switches neutrals in addition to hot wires. This is an unusual setup unless you are are using a generator with a bonded neutral. For that reason, I suspect your setup will not work without modification. I installed a Generac 6852 Manual Transfer Switch. It has been written about here or other forums.

If you are running new wire, I suggest running the biggest circuit your panel can handle and using the FCSP. 100 amps is preferable. This gives you the option to charge relatively quickly overnight, which is the least expensive time to charge on many energy company plans.
Fantastic detail, very much appreciated. I don't necessarily have a very long commute but do like the idea of being able to charge once a week overnight. Is there any downside to installing the pro? Proprietary for ford? more expensive/complex to install VS the NEMA?
The more powerful the charger, the bigger the circuit. Bigger circuits require thicker more expensive wire.

You really don’t want to use as plug-in connector as your permanent charging solution. That introduces another source of failure.

If you haven’t watched these videos, please do.
Thanks! I had watched those a long time ago and needed the refresher. Most importantly I remembered there was a top tier installer but couldn't remember who that was - QMERIT! I just submitted a request for estimate. Only odd thing is I provided all the photos/details to have pro power installed and it gave me an estimate for a basic NEMA install. It was for $800 - which I am pretty sure that wont be close...

Thanks for the info!
One thing you may want to confirm with your dealer is that the truck comes with the Ford Mobile Charger. I picked up a 2023 and was told that in 2023 model year, Ford stopped including the mobile charger with the truck. I called Ford and confirmed with them as well.

I left the dealer with no way to charge my truck (first EV) except to use public chargers until my FCSP arrived and I could get it wired up.
I am buying used 2022 and has both, he never installed the pro so its still new in box.
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