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2023 Ford Lightning Lariat ER
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I’m an early ‘22 reservation holder that still hasn’t been invited to place my order. On Wednesday, I got an email from Ford about my lease on my current Limited ending soon. What the Hell, let’s see if any of the Ford dealers around me are advertising any Lightnings.

i found one at a dealership 30 miles away. A ‘23 Lariat ER advertised at MSRP. I messaged with them. Double checked the price, they assured me that was the price. I said “don’t drive me down there and play games” and he promised no games.

Holy smokes… there were no games. He paid me what my Limited was worth and sold me the Lariat ER at MSRP.

I’m still dumbfounded, after watching dealers mark up trucks by 30-40k and being laughed at when I asked to buy one for MSRP, that just like that, I was able to buy one for MSRP. It’s silly, but it feels too good to be true. It’s a relief to see things stabilizing.

So… it seems like it’s finally shifting back to normal-ish. Now I have to figure out if I still place an order and sell this one :)

Amazing truck! I can’t stay off the accelerator so my mileage is bad right now, but driving this thing is a dream. I’ve had a lot of nice and fast cars. This thing is a joy!
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