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powertrain malfunction

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My Ford Lightning has a powertrain malfunction. Has anyone else run into this issue?

My truck has 212 miles. I went to run an errand, when it all of a sudden wouldn’t go anywhere. I left my house at 70% power, went 10 miles, and turned it off briefly to unload some yard clippings. When I went to restart the truck it initially drove a couple feet to the road, but it had gone into reduced power mode, due to a powertrain malfunction. Even though it had 70% power, the reduced power mode (which you can’t switch out off) only gave it enough power for me pull off to the side of the road. Not knowing what else to do I called Ford. Ford said I needed to tow it to my local dealership. It’s been two weeks and I still don’t have my truck back. I have only driving highway miles, no hauling (other then a couple bags of leaves), and no towing. Has anyone else experienced this issue? For a new truck with less then 500 miles it shouldn’t have to be in the shop for two weeks. I am feeling a little concerned to say the least.


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im happy the battery is so serviceable leaves possibility aftermarket companies rebuilding these one day rather then purchasing oem at 5 times the cost.
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