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Where I live, the power goes out maybe once or twice a year and not long at all, probably a couple of hours on average. So I just picked up my Lightning only a week ago and was telling my wife about all of the cool features, including this one.

So here we are, eating lunch, bam power goes out. Today happens to be a mild day, like low 50's, so not cold at all, however, we have a 5 week old son and my wifes concern was the heat, the food in the fridge, and her breast milk that she's storing in the chest freezer.

I immediately took out the extension cords and was able to satisfy the fridge and chest freezer concern, but since you can't plug in an HVAC, I had a secondary option for the heat, which is a natural gas fireplace.

All in all, the power was only out for 1.5 hours and the total battery only declined by 1%, which is pretty epic I think.
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