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How do you plan to use your Ford Charge Station Pro (FCSP)?

  • I plan to just use the Mobile Power Cord on 240A

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Poll on use of Ford Charge Station Pro (FCSP) with Ford Intelligent Backup Power (FIBP)

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The Lightning ER has the FCSP included in the price and I'm curious to see how owners are planning to use them. I am still wondering why ER owners were not given the option when they placed their orders. This Poll will allow you to choose unlimited options, but please only select the ones that apply since some would not make sense if you would choose both.
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You might want to add "I plan to use it to charge but will use a generator plug for backup power"

An interesting point on incentives: it might be difficult to get state/local incentives to cover the cost of an included FCSP but it should be eligible if it were a separate purchase.
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