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Please get me up to speed

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Hey there. I'm a Day 1 reservation holder. Hilarious timing, as yesterday I went to cancel my reservation and the website was down for maintenance, then this morning I get a call from the local dealer saying I'm first in line, that they'll have one for me this year and would I like to come sign on the line.

But I'll be honest - I haven't paid attention to the developments AT ALL since the day it was announced. I don't know if the truck changed significantly, if it is still something to be excited about, or if it is a capable truck at all. Have there been any major developments I should know about?

They're giving me 1 week to order, supposedly because of the super-high demand (true?), and also they are stating that it has to be a lease. They are not offering them for purchase, which seemed weird. He said that was a measure to stop people from flipping the truck (unsure why they would care but that wasn't my intent). I've never leased anything before, so that's new to me. He said once I've leased it for 6 months and driven it 15000km minimum that I could buy it out. Weird.

The price seems a lot higher than I remember at launch. I thought this was a $40k US truck which would be roughly $51k CAD and I'm looking at $68k on ford.ca. Am I remembering wrong?

FYI: We are an all-electric family, with a Model 3 and a Bolt. I thought a truck would be handy in place of the Bolt, but otherwise I'm not a "truck guy". I've never had a truck before and I would only consider one if it is electric. I don't have anything to tow, but I suppose I'd want to be able to. Mostly I just want something that can get a couch home from Costco lol.

I'm fairly sure I will just get my $100 back or whatever it was, unless that would be crazy because the demand really is that high and there are opportunities I'm not appreciating. So I wanted to at least try to get people's thoughts. Thanks.
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September 2022 or 2023?

He told me they are getting 51 and that they are one of the few dealers in BC that are getting any at all.

Yeah, I thought the lease thing seemed weird. Thanks for the reply.
Did you turn down an opportunity to convert your reservation to an order earlier this year
No, this was the first time anyone's contacted me about this reservation.

Just to be clear, AFAIK, no dealer has received a 2023 allocation number.

They may have 51 reservation holders, but I'd be surprised to have them all be invited to order in 2023.
Interesting. I'd be surprised if there were only 51 reservation holders. We're in an interesting market here where everyone's a truck driver AND there's a very high EV adoption rate. Not a huge city here, but not tiny either (360k give or take). I'd guess there's several hundred reservations at least, but I could be wrong. But to be clear, he did tell me that they were getting 51.
Hey @bcsteeve, are you just in the market for a Lightning or considering something else as well?
What Lightning spec are you after?
I have a Cybertruck reservation as well, and that would be my preference because I'm already familiar with the Tesla ecosystem. As far as spec, I haven't looked too much into it. I'm sorry to the Ford fans out there, but their site sucks @$$. They list all these features with weird names and then no description of what they are, so I got mad and rage quit lol. I like the fold flat seats though, and that appears to be only available in the Platinum. That's a lot of coin though.
Dealer told you that you can only rent (lease) the new F150 Lightning? I smell deception.
That seems to be a common theme among the responses so far. I don't like the lease-only thing either, or the reason given for it. "We don't want customers flipping the car". How is that any of their business what I do with my property? But, whatever... it wasn't my intention to flip it anyway and while I've never leased anything, I've always understood it doesn't really make a lot of difference.

But it does force me to finance, which I wasn't going to do. So that's an extra 4.5% per year.

I'm probably going to pass. The lease thing seems fishy, the Cybertruck has got to be available at SOME point (I finally got the FSD I paid for 3 years ago), I don't really need a truck anyway and the financial market + inflation = not a great time to be foolishly spending money.

I appreciate the responses.
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