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Please get me up to speed

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Hey there. I'm a Day 1 reservation holder. Hilarious timing, as yesterday I went to cancel my reservation and the website was down for maintenance, then this morning I get a call from the local dealer saying I'm first in line, that they'll have one for me this year and would I like to come sign on the line.

But I'll be honest - I haven't paid attention to the developments AT ALL since the day it was announced. I don't know if the truck changed significantly, if it is still something to be excited about, or if it is a capable truck at all. Have there been any major developments I should know about?

They're giving me 1 week to order, supposedly because of the super-high demand (true?), and also they are stating that it has to be a lease. They are not offering them for purchase, which seemed weird. He said that was a measure to stop people from flipping the truck (unsure why they would care but that wasn't my intent). I've never leased anything before, so that's new to me. He said once I've leased it for 6 months and driven it 15000km minimum that I could buy it out. Weird.

The price seems a lot higher than I remember at launch. I thought this was a $40k US truck which would be roughly $51k CAD and I'm looking at $68k on ford.ca. Am I remembering wrong?

FYI: We are an all-electric family, with a Model 3 and a Bolt. I thought a truck would be handy in place of the Bolt, but otherwise I'm not a "truck guy". I've never had a truck before and I would only consider one if it is electric. I don't have anything to tow, but I suppose I'd want to be able to. Mostly I just want something that can get a couch home from Costco lol.

I'm fairly sure I will just get my $100 back or whatever it was, unless that would be crazy because the demand really is that high and there are opportunities I'm not appreciating. So I wanted to at least try to get people's thoughts. Thanks.
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It's a 'funny' set of circumstances of late: Ford made announcements that they were going to allow dealers to require customers sign a 'no sale for one year' agreement so that customers cannot flip their new Lightnings, and yet they also turn around and say that you will not be able to KEEP your Lightning if you lease it! Crazy.
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