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I was checking out my buddies Rivian R1T yesterday and noticed it comes with aggressive off-road tires that were custom developed for the Rivian R1T.
I am thinking I might try these on my Lightning once my factory AS tires are worn out. Anyone considered/tried these tires on their Lightning? They are about an 1” taller than the factory tires and a much more aggressive AT tread pattern. My hope is that because they are a dedicated EV tire they will still have relatively low rolling resistance and less road noise compared to a Wildpeak, KO2 or similar.
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My wife's Aviator has Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. They are super nice, but expensive AF. I don't know that I would do it in this truck though. There's not enough noise to cancel out the aggressive noise form those tires. I was driving home the other night and could hear the crickets. Just a personal preference, of course, but that tread on pavement would drive me crazy.
Thanks for this. I certainly would not want to give up the quiet of the cabin. However, are the tires on your wife’s Aviator, the same Pirelli scorpion zeros that are on the Rivian? I was under the impression they were a special EV focused design
They're definitely not the same as the ones you are talking about. The Elects might be ones designed for EVs. Her's are road tires fitted to those 22" wheels they put on the Aviators. I didn't mean to imply they were the exact same tire. I was just referring to how quiet our trucks are, you might be able to hear that road noise if it's a thicker terrain tire. Pirellis are nice tires for sure. Of you do get them please come back and let us know about the noise. I would be interested in what I can (or should) replace mine with when the time comes.
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