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I was checking out my buddies Rivian R1T yesterday and noticed it comes with aggressive off-road tires that were custom developed for the Rivian R1T.
I am thinking I might try these on my Lightning once my factory AS tires are worn out. Anyone considered/tried these tires on their Lightning? They are about an 1” taller than the factory tires and a much more aggressive AT tread pattern. My hope is that because they are a dedicated EV tire they will still have relatively low rolling resistance and less road noise compared to a Wildpeak, KO2 or similar.
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Well, we know they should be able to handle the weight 🤣

Good idea. You will have an inaccurate speedometer and odometer though if they are an inch taller, right?
I agree with you completely. I think many of us would like a more aggressive tire, but have reservations about the impact of noise and ride quality, given that it’s an EV. The stock all-terrain tires are actually serving me pretty well, but I am on basic fire roads and driving on the beach, not over landing.

Just to be clear, the stock size is a 33 inch tire and this would be a move to a 34 inch, correct? With the 2 inch lift you should probably be ok based on many of the other posts I’m reading.
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My wife's Aviator has Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. They are super nice, but expensive AF. I don't know that I would do it in this truck though. There's not enough noise to cancel out the aggressive noise form those tires. I was driving home the other night and could hear the crickets. Just a personal preference, of course, but that tread on pavement would drive me crazy.
Thanks for this. I certainly would not want to give up the quiet of the cabin. However, are the tires on your wife’s Aviator, the same Pirelli scorpion zeros that are on the Rivian? I was under the impression they were a special EV focused design
1 - 3 of 7 Posts