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I was checking out my buddies Rivian R1T yesterday and noticed it comes with aggressive off-road tires that were custom developed for the Rivian R1T.
I am thinking I might try these on my Lightning once my factory AS tires are worn out. Anyone considered/tried these tires on their Lightning? They are about an 1” taller than the factory tires and a much more aggressive AT tread pattern. My hope is that because they are a dedicated EV tire they will still have relatively low rolling resistance and less road noise compared to a Wildpeak, KO2 or similar.
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You will have an inaccurate speedometer and odometer though if they are an inch taller, right?
Yes but it is very slight, 3.3% to be exact. For example at 70mph on speedo I would actually be doing 72mph. Anything slower and the difference gets even smaller.
I am just hoping they don’t rub anywhere, I did a 2” front leveling kit on the truck so that should help the front not look too stuffed.
I’m honestly surprised no one has tried this out, or posted about this tire option yet. Others must be using this truck for more than grocery and Home Depot jaunts, but surprisingly little discussion about EV specific AT tire options (and the factory Hankook ATs don’t count, they are a joke).
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts