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Phone mounts for the Lariat?

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Does anyone have a good phone mount solution for the Lariat? I typically use proclip but they have only Pro and XLT models available. All of the other options I can find would block the blue cruise sensors. Any suggestions appreciated.
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To me, this was one of those Amazon 'surprise' purchases. I had low expectations. It's much better than I expected for under $20. The gray one I bought kinda matches the Lariat seat inserts.

Excellent idea, although I am somewhat loathe to give up a cup holder. I like to bring many beverages along with me!
Thanks for your replies! Love seeing the options. The pics are very helpful. I'm going to try to make the driver center air vent work first as I prefer it to be higher. But if that fails I'm going with the magnetic mount by the trailer brakes.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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