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PaaK is here!!

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Just got a message on my FordPass that PaaK will be installed next time my Lightnings meets all the update requirements. Which be about now. Yahhh!
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Make sure your 12v battery has plenty of juice. Take the truck for a ride and plug it in to charge shortly before your update. Even better, if it gives you an option to “update now” after driving, plug in and do it then.
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I decided to just leave it alone and see what happens. FordPass says update install successful but doesn’t provide any means to set it up. Owners manual is no help as it assumes setup as part of adding your vehicle to FordPass.

Hopefully if I delete my Lightning from FordPass and add it back will do the trick.
Give it a day. You’ll get an invitation to set up PaaK in Ford Pass.
I stumbled across this earlier this month as well on accident because they happen to see the tiny print that said, set up your phone as a key within the app.

However, due to recently having to use Phone as a key, and not having to enter any passwords, I am inclined to believe that the password feature is an emergency kind of thing. I.e., phone has no power or you don’t have your phone and left without your keys.

I can attest that phone as a key works rather well because on accident just this Tuesday, I left my purse at home with the keys inside and didn’t realize it until I was packing up to leave work and realized I didn’t have a purse. Everything was so seamless that I literally did not realize I didn’t have my keys on me. I had been able to drive to work as normal and was never asked to enter my password. I had to call hubs; who was working from home at the time, to make sure my purse was still at home because I thought someone had stolen it. 😂.

Moral of the story is yes you can set a password but you’re not going to be asked to enter it if the truck senses that your phone is available. You will be able to use touch to unlock the doors as normal with your phone as well.
Correct. PaaK replaces the fob and acts the same as a fob. The backup password (and door entry codes) operate if you have neither fob nor PaaK present at the vehicle.

Yes, the PaaK signal can be intercepted. So can fob signals. The good news is few crooks are technologically inclined. PaaK and fob hacking are rarely used to steal anything but VERY expensive cars.
New video out on how to set up PaaK in your Lightning:
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Stolen from an earlier ChasingCoral post --

Question: What do the (over-the-air update) numbers mean?

Answer: Power Ups (OTA updates) are numbered, but the numbers mean nothing. They might as well be named Sharon, Bill, and Tim. They can come in any order and do not (necessarily) depend on each other.

This kinda took the wind out of my sails. :)
Don't forget that there is a wiki to describe all of the PowerUps:
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