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OTA software update - not working

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Is anyone else having problems with the recent OTA update?
Since they rolled out the newest update (including phone as a key) my lightning is not updating. My OTA updates are scheduled to occur at night, however each morning I notice an alert in the ford app that says it was unable to update due to one of the requirements not met; i.e. vehicle is in park, vehicle not running, not pressing the brake pedal, all lights are off and doors are closed. But all of these ARE met, including being charged at 75% or more. Even when I go into the sync system and manually click on "Update Now" it appears as if it is starting the update and then it never does. I have tried switching the OTA schedule too and it still fails to update. I have now attempted an update at least 10 times.

Is anyone else having this problem or aware of a fix?
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I got the same notification. Apparently PowerUp 22-PU0929-BLM-UP is rather picky.
I had issues installing updates as well, tried everything that Ford suggested. I finally got it to work after I hooked up the 12V battery to a charger and fully charged it. I will need to talk to the dealership about that; brand new vehicle should be able to keep the 12v battery charged.
It appears Ford has the 12v battery requirements set at a high level to make sure the update doesn't drain the battery, breaking the update. If you aren't having other problems with the battery level, it may not be anything the dealer can solve.

If you don't want to go out to drive it, you might also try setting your schedule for a time like 10:00 pm then doing a remote start 20 minutes before 10:00. The 15 minute auto shutoff will assure the truck is off when the update comes through.
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The app is showing update pending since I bought the truck 2 weeks ago but the truck doesn't show an update. I have cellular connection and I have it connected to wifi. Here's a screenshot of the app. Any ideas?
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Did you try the steps from the post right before yours?
You will see an onscreen notice when an update has been downloaded. You usually will be given the choice of update now or wait for scheduled time. See page 556 of the manual.
Thanks for your help. I did the schedule and I get this screen but still no update. I left my agm charger on all night at 2a charge. Before I went to bed the agm charger showed 75% charge. View attachment 5563
Watch it for a few days to see if the update comes in. They don't push them to every vehicle every day.
My mannequin is not getting OTA updates. I know it was not driven much at the dealership. Ford Pass App says 3.5.5 is available. For the last 10 days I’ve been driving it every day and charging every night so I’m pretty sure the 12v battery is charged. I called Ford and they are going to push the update out because they show the 12v battery was low when it first tried at the dealership. Now comes the interesting part, the person I was speaking with went through my truck set up to make sure I had everything set up properly, which it was. Until she said the parking brake has to be engaged for the update to go through. I questioned her on the parking brake and she said she was reading it off her computer screen. I had never heard this before and wonder if it’s something new.
How long have you had it? I haven't received an update since mid-December and I'm in the Early Access Program.
Great! The trucks often go to 100% when a Power Up comes in. They also aren’t pushed every night, so just because you implement a solution doesn’t mean it will go that night.
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