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OTA software update - not working

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Is anyone else having problems with the recent OTA update?
Since they rolled out the newest update (including phone as a key) my lightning is not updating. My OTA updates are scheduled to occur at night, however each morning I notice an alert in the ford app that says it was unable to update due to one of the requirements not met; i.e. vehicle is in park, vehicle not running, not pressing the brake pedal, all lights are off and doors are closed. But all of these ARE met, including being charged at 75% or more. Even when I go into the sync system and manually click on "Update Now" it appears as if it is starting the update and then it never does. I have tried switching the OTA schedule too and it still fails to update. I have now attempted an update at least 10 times.

Is anyone else having this problem or aware of a fix?
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I spoke with a very nice person @Ford Motor Company that works at the Software Updates number (833-389-0848). Here are the requirements she told me:

  • Doors Locked (even though it is in my garage)
  • Headlights Off (not on Auto)
  • Park Brake set (that is a noisy process)
  • Have at least 80% charge
  • Be connected to wi-fi
Tried this today. 12v battery charged overnight with Noco genius2, drove a couple miles this morning, parked in garage with WiFi. Matched all of these settings. Nothing, again, still.

Rang the ford number you gave me (very nice ladies on the phone!) They are saying that the power ups are rolled out in batches of 200ish vins, and no one except the engineers know if/when they will be pushed. Said they cant see any errors, and the truck has successfully received all the updates that Ford has pushed.

Push harder Ford! :)
Well I followed their directions and did everything they said. I did not charge the 12v battery and they did not mention that as a requirement. The person on the line said that an update was being pushed that day. Nothing. I do not think these updates are coming over wi-fi. @Ford Motor Company I think there is a real issue with the update process. I do not have cell coverage at my house only wi-fi. I have been on 3.5.2 since the middle of September (I got this update while driving on a highway not at home). Bring back the USB update capability!
1 - 2 of 35 Posts