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OTA 3.5.3

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I got 3.5.3 a couple of hours ago '22 Lariat ER. Doesn't look like anything much new, however ICE trucks got this about 2 weeks back. I think this is the latest release on any of the trucks and we are all now aligned to the latest version. This should make it easier on Ford to now get SW distributed knowing all trucks are on the same version.

App screen shots and from the truck:
Font Number Document Screenshot
Font Document Number Publication Electric blue
Font Gadget Communication Device Electronic device Technology
Font Technology Electric blue Space Darkness
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I was on the phone with Ford yesterday for an hour trying to get information on next OTA update. I have 3.5.2 and still waiting for PAAK feature. I get more up to date info on this forum! Thanks for posting.
Ford engineers are working on the software that will implement PaaK on the early build trucks. They don't have a solution to roll out yet, so I recommend you be patient. Neither your dealer nor the Ford help line can do anything to get PaaK on your car at this time.

I'm in the same boat. I'd love to be able to ditch this huge fob I have to carry around. I've been spoiled by PaaK in my Mach E.
Thanks I'm really liking most everything about this truck. I probably wont commit until I see the final Cybertruck specs and pricing.
That could be a long wait.
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I received the PaaK update (Priority Update 22-PU0929-BLM-UP) on the 11th and 3.5.4 today:
Font Document Number Publication
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I just received notification of 3.5.5, (started rolling out yesterday), but my truck is having issue installing it. It has failed 3 times. I'm wondering if it is a battery voltage issue. It is cold here (at least for TX standards). This update will keep me up to date on everything except PAAK also. Don't know when they will think I'm worthy of that one.
Schedule your updates for late evening. Drive the car just before then. Plug it in to charge.

Low 12V can often be the cause of a failed update. My PaaK update failed a couple of times.
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PaaK comes in a special update 22-PU0929-BLM-UP
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