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OTA 3.5.3

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I got 3.5.3 a couple of hours ago '22 Lariat ER. Doesn't look like anything much new, however ICE trucks got this about 2 weeks back. I think this is the latest release on any of the trucks and we are all now aligned to the latest version. This should make it easier on Ford to now get SW distributed knowing all trucks are on the same version.

App screen shots and from the truck:
Font Number Document Screenshot
Font Document Number Publication Electric blue
Font Gadget Communication Device Electronic device Technology
Font Technology Electric blue Space Darkness
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Did not know Ford had OTA for ICE trucks. What model year did this start?
They've had them for several years including gen13 trucks, but only with Gen14 2021 models did they really start trying to rely on them and ever send much out for an update. They promptly bricked quite a few 2021 ICE trucks with a 1.7.1 update - you can read about that other places.

Now they are back on track and it looks like trying to get all the features of the ICE and Lightning leveled and the same. We run the same computers and most of the modules are identical.
Thanks I'm really liking most everything about this truck. I probably wont commit until I see the final Cybertruck specs and pricing. It's gotta have the Propower capability as a minimum. And Ford has to clean up their dealers so I can just go buy one without worrying about getting my price jerked around. I do understand how it would feel to be a dealer and have to sell at MSRP and have a customer resell it at a profit. I'm not willing to pay anyone over MSRP. Dealer or private. Probably be a few years before supply starts to catch up to demand.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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