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OTA 3.5.3

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I got 3.5.3 a couple of hours ago '22 Lariat ER. Doesn't look like anything much new, however ICE trucks got this about 2 weeks back. I think this is the latest release on any of the trucks and we are all now aligned to the latest version. This should make it easier on Ford to now get SW distributed knowing all trucks are on the same version.

App screen shots and from the truck:
Font Number Document Screenshot
Font Document Number Publication Electric blue
Font Gadget Communication Device Electronic device Technology
Font Technology Electric blue Space Darkness
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I tried manually and via scheduled updates three days in a row. Plugged in and connected to WiFi in the garage. The update kept failing. Then today I tried to manually update after parking at work and it uploaded via cellular. I tried driving the block a few times as Coral suggested to ensure the 12v was at a high charge. Not sure if the success was because of a longer commute, cellular instead of WiFi, or just dumb luck.
My vote is because of cellular coverage. WiFi updates seem to be a myth at this point.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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