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Order Won’t Go Through - Payment Transaction Unsuccessful

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I was selected to order my lightning back in June (and can now during this wave since I didn’t then). When I click “continue to payment” after configuring my truck, an error message pops up that says “Your payment transaction was unsuccessful. Please try again.”

I have called Ford and they told me it is a known problem but to keep trying because some people have been able to get through that had the issue. I’ve tried everything I can possibly imagine without success. I doubt ford fixes the issue before the window to order closes on the 22nd. Has anyone experienced this issue and found a way to order?!?
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The dealer said they can’t order it for me either… I’ve tried everything possible and I’m losing hope. I was thinking of changing dealers to see if that somehow allows me to order it directly from the dealer
I haven’t tried every card, but I have tried 5 cards including a debit card. They do not ask me to input any card information prior to clicking continue to payment but I was changing what is in my wallet, even completely removing a card.

I have also tried using chrome, safari and edge. And I’ve also tried clearing my cache and using the private browsing modes…
After calling Ford several times, I was finallly connected with a more experienced rep who seemed to know what they were doing… the rep told me that my reservation was never properly extended and that I was basically in a state of limbo. We will see if he is correct but he said that I will be able to order in the 3rd 2023 wave, sometime in September… he also said I most likely won’t get 2022 pricing as a result…
Same thing here. Reserved a Pro but was offered the Lariat in June. Something got screwed up and it happened to a lot of people
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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