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Yes. The $5,000 "Difference from MSRP" is a $5,000 ADM. Was that on the order when you first placed it or are you placing one of the leftover orders? If you are ordering now, you might not be able to switch dealers as these leftovers seem to be tied to dealership. If you ordered a while back and this was added after the dealer accepted a $0 markup order, you may be able to get them to remove it (perhaps with Ford's help).

Edit: It looks like even the leftovers may be tied to the buyer, and thus be moveable. See Switched Dealer after noticed 5K ADM
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Hovering over the E24 yields this wordy definition of dealer markup:
Difference from Total MSRP: The amount shown is the difference between Total MSRP and Dealer Selling Price, excluding Dealer Installed Options.
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