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Order Placed

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Resv# 10840646
Order 4/13/22
Have not received build date yet

Anxious about availability of charging stations for any long distance travel.
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In order for a Ford dealer to sell EVs, they have to have at least one customer facing charger (and at least one in the service bay area). This makes the dealers a good member of the charging network imo. My little dealer in a town of about 6K people already has installed theirs. Living in the middle of nowhere that is my closest one at this time ~ 20 minutes away from home.
That will work well if picking up a bit of a charge to make it to a DCFC @150kw is all you need. However, if the customer facing evse is only capable of 48amps you won't get stuck, but it will take a long time to charge at 11kw. If each dealer had a 150 or even 350 (future...) DCFC station it would be great....instant fast charge network.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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