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Order Canceled

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I am somewhat relieved that my order was delayed. It seems that all of the negatives finally outweighed the benefits for me. My Lariet ER was finally scheduled for production in March but with the loss of tax incentives, dramatic price increase and plunge in resale and retail value I just couldn’t do it. I canceled my order yesterday and the Ram Revolution ordering opened today. Karma! I’ve always been a Mopar guy anyway. So now I wait until 2024.
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Wow. Looks like RAM is having fun with that thing - from the tailgate to the side storage to the midgate. Didn't see anything about self-driving though it was following a guy through a hanger...

First EV I haven't reserved, but can't wait to see it.

Meantime, I'll be driving the granddaddy of EV trucks, which can only boast of the frunk. :(
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