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One Time Max Charge Limit

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Mostly me venting, but I would like a number to call and complain about this because this isn't the dealer's fault. I don't know why Ford did this or how they overly complicated this matter. Setting the charge limit in the Mach E's Sync 4 system is stupid. You have to have a charge location and then for that location you set the max. That setting isn't obvious to get to.

BUT that's not my main issue. I just got back from the dealer for the 10k maintenance and there were 2 recall software updates (PAAK and something else). And now it looks like a settings were reset. All of my departure time settings were erased and the max charge limit is wiped as well as my charge location. I also can't add a charge location and the cars GPS is still locked it at the dealership. -_- So your crap getting reset sucks and that needs to not happen.

I'll be happy when I get my Lightning because it seems like they did a WAYYY better job putting this feature right up front. The screen Kylie is on is the Charge screen and that option is at the top of the list. LIKE it should be. It should have nothing to do with a "charge location". Is the Mach E getting these settings? I'm actually curious about that because obviously the "Towing" functionality wouldn't go into the Mach E but does that mean the "Charge" page in the Mach E won't update? I don't know how their software is structured. I would think all Sync 4 systems have "access" to these panels/pages and there is a setting/tag in the database that links them to a specific model.

This needs to be fixed. This current set up is clunky as hell. After watching him deep dive the Rivian infotainment, Ford NEEDS to improve their layout. Stop over complicating. The Ford Pass app, no better; even worse.
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