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On demand Climate Start button

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Wish Ford implements non-scheduled (departure time) climate start on the Fordpass app.

This is from Hyundai Ioniq 5. I can start before leaving home and not have to change a schedule or add one to do that.

Is this not a good idea?

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I'm not sure which model truck you have, but Ford kind of has this wrapped up already. Just press Start on your app and you are done. In the truck you select "Auto" for the start and include Auto on seats and depending on the external temperature it will start AC or heat, including the seats for what it needs to do.

Not quite like what you show, but I think just as good and simpler. Just press start and it is taken care of. I don't need complication.
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'Start' is fine but why is there a 30 minute limit? I had a glitch the other day where the app thought I had already started the truck so it wouldn't allow me to start it again without driving. I had to get into a chilly truck. No one should be forced to do that.🥶
I completely agree about the 15 and 30 minute intervals. If Ford's app truly was worth its weight, it would simply remind you the truck was running or let you start it again. Only allowing 2 starts or the time limit they have is bad. However, they don't understand users nor delivering value. They've used this same 15/30 minute thing for 10 years or more.
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