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I’ve got a legit chance this wave. Dealer has said no ADM multiple times but a lot of the wave 1-3 feedback seems to say not to trust that. Anyone have an example of any document you signed with the dealership to give you a warm fuzzy that they won’t try anything shady?
I got military move orders for this summer. Willing to stick with old dealership and fly out to pick up the truck if I can remain confident that they won’t try to rake me over the coals after ordering. Otherwise I’m willing to threaten to move to a dealership near the new home after the email but before ordering. I plan to build on the website but physically go into the dealership before hitting the button. I’m not going to pay ADM and travel out to pick it up. I will rob them of the allocation and move dealers.
You got it on lockdown dude. Do exactly that. If they slap ADM on just transfer and give a non-ADM dealership your money. Once you have the signed purchase agreement you're good. If they try to play games after that sic Ford moco on them.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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