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Official Emails from Ford HQ out yet?

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I was hoping to wake up to the official invite email, but alas nothing. However I don't see anyone saying they received it either. Sure dealer emails but nothing from Ford. Anyone received it yet?
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My salesman said I can order as soon as I get the official email from Ford HQ. I was pushing him for details. Said they were allotted 25 and I am on the VIP list. But I think I was getting salesman speak.
I am actually sitting in the dealership ordering now. They told me the VIP thing as well, but it seems accurate. They just took my order to send it through the system to get the sales sheet.
So you had received the email from Ford? Ford rep told me to make sure of 3 things when ordering. 1- make sure they included your email in the order and not the default email for the dealership. That way you are getting the updates. 2- get a signed sales order. 3- save your order number it is the only way Ford can reference your build if you need to call them
I have not received the email. I just spoke with the dealer again and the corporate guy told them we have to place the order in our email first, so my order is not complete yet. It sounds like the dealers are trying to get everyone in to order, but nobody can do anything until they get the email.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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