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I’m in Canada, I ordered in January. Around May 24th my dealer advised me of my VIN and that I was scheduled for production August 15th. In July I found out my production date had been pushed to September 5th, and last week it got pushed to October 10th. When I login and check my order it is still showing up as a 2022, but from what I have read, Job #1 for 2023 is suppose to start on October 10th…what are the chances at some point soon my vin will be reassigned and I will end up with a 2023? I’ve also seen rumblings that Ford Canada is not honouring 2022 prices for those that had orders in…I find it hard to believe that Ford Canada would not be aligned with Ford US. Anyone in a similar boat? Anyone have more insight?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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