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<NOT SELLING ANYMORE - Keeping it> - Reduced to 82k 2022 F150 Lightning Lariat ER (511A Option) Carbonized Gray Metallic - 780 miles

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For Sale 2022 F150 Lightning Lariat ER (511A Option) - 650 miles

I had bought it in Nov 2022, was overseas, am an owner of 2021 Mach E ER, wife says would prefer to drive the Mach E rather than the truck. No lein, title in hand, Central NJ.

$85K OBO

Note: As people might think I have taken the tax credit, as I am selling will not and cannot take the tax credit.

PM me if you need more details and video walkthrough (facetime/whatsapp)
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Yes that is true. But the F150 Lariat would not get the tax credit starting 1st Jan 2023 as MSRP being over $80K. The new tax laws are too aggressive.
Agree. Tax credit on Lariat ER on up is going to be irrelevant to any discussion on selling your truck after 1/1/23.
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