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No OTA updates

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Sorry if this isnt the right area or if its been covered. I got my Lightning 2 weeks ago and haven't received any OTA updates. I would have thought I would have received when I check the sync version, it says 22082_product, and I show no previous updates in the software updates section of the sync 4a. I have read that others have been getting their Phone as a Key enabled but mine is not. What could be happening or am I just impatient?
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I'm sure this is posted elsewhere but I can't find it. How the heck do I determine what software version I have.
Go to settings / system updates
This will list your most recent update.
Hmmm, not on my screen. Maybe I don’t see the SW version until after I get my first update?
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That is correct. Your system is up to date with no Power Ups post-delivery. It’s also shown in the Ford Pass app.
When was your truck built?
If it hasn’t been built yet, what are you looking at?
What in the world?? I did FINALLY get 3.5.2 last week and I noticed no real changes. I thought I would get all the changes made in previous power ups. I dont have any of that. No PAAK, no smart hitch and scales in FP.

But I can honk the horn and flash the lights. (y)
PaaK, etc aren’t in 3.5.2

Good news is you are receiving PowerUps and are up to date .
Hmm? Still waiting.....
Remember that the more recently-built trucks already have the latest software. You won't get a PowerUp until it provides something new.
PAAK still not available on my truck. So how long do I wait for missing options before I bring to dealer?
I'm waiting for PaaK, too. Just be patient.

PaaK is not yet available for early build trucks. Ford is putting significant effort into getting the software fix ready to go out. There is nothing your dealer can do.
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I just saw a post elsewhere that PaaK is rolling out in a PowerUp now.

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Those of us who received early Mach Es waited over as year for BlueCruise and are still waiting for the electronic latch release for our frunks.
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