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No OTA updates

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Sorry if this isnt the right area or if its been covered. I got my Lightning 2 weeks ago and haven't received any OTA updates. I would have thought I would have received when I check the sync version, it says 22082_product, and I show no previous updates in the software updates section of the sync 4a. I have read that others have been getting their Phone as a Key enabled but mine is not. What could be happening or am I just impatient?
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Remember that the more recently-built trucks already have the latest software. You won't get a PowerUp until it provides something new.
I thought that my truck built on 9/30 came with the latest update but this morning I got a message on my FordPass that the truck had updated to 3.5.2.
The funny thing was, it updated while I was on my way to the dealer to have them update my Bluecruise. It's license had expired on 10-9-2022, which means Sept 10th. I dropped the truck off, got home and got a call from the dealer saying Bluecruise was working fine. So back I went. I got to the dealer and the service guy pulled up my sync screen where is showed Hands Free Driving Mode available through 10-12-2022, which means Dec 10th. I told them that I double checked it before I left for the dealership. The service guy went out for a drive with me and sure enough it worked. After I got home he called me to tell me that after he dug around in his system he could see that the software updated around the same time I was pulling into the dealership. Pure coincidence. I asked him if they had a software transmission antenna on top of the dealership but he assured me they didn't.
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