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No OTA updates

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Sorry if this isnt the right area or if its been covered. I got my Lightning 2 weeks ago and haven't received any OTA updates. I would have thought I would have received when I check the sync version, it says 22082_product, and I show no previous updates in the software updates section of the sync 4a. I have read that others have been getting their Phone as a Key enabled but mine is not. What could be happening or am I just impatient?
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I'm sure this is posted elsewhere but I can't find it. How the heck do I determine what software version I have. On the car, all I can see is the SYNC 4 version, but that shows Revision 428, not 3.5.2 or similar as is being discussed in this discussion. My FordPass app does not have a "Recent Changes" line. I just took delivery of my Lightning this last Monday, and clicking the software update button on Settings in the truck says I'm up to date.

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Hmmm, not on my screen. Maybe I don’t see the SW version until after I get my first update?
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Ugh… 08/22!
I just picked it up this last Monday, 10/10.
Well, I finally got my first OTA today, 19 Oct 2022
For the record, my Build Start date was 22 August
Build Complete date was 11 September
Delivery date 07 October

When I took delivery, my truck had bot PaaK and Blue Cruise. I didn't notice anything missing.

While driving into work this morning, my whole display decided to do a reboot. I was wondering what was happening, but just got the email from Ford saying now I'm at 3.5.2
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