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No OTA updates

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Sorry if this isnt the right area or if its been covered. I got my Lightning 2 weeks ago and haven't received any OTA updates. I would have thought I would have received when I check the sync version, it says 22082_product, and I show no previous updates in the software updates section of the sync 4a. I have read that others have been getting their Phone as a Key enabled but mine is not. What could be happening or am I just impatient?
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I got my Lightning 2 weeks ago and haven't received any OTA updates.
When was the truck built? Do you see any reference to 3.5.2 in the Ford Pass app? (–> |Vehicle|Features & Settings|Software Updates|Recent Changes) My truck has a July build date and 3.5.2 is the latest update and it did not enable PaaK for my truck.
"RECENT CHANGES" shows directly above "HAVE QUESTIONS? GET ANSWERS" line in my app after getting the first update.

My first OTA update from 3.1 to 3.5.2 came after 28 days.
BlueCruise hands free working prior to the OTA updates?
Yes, I hadn't really focused on BCH-F. I finally drove on a known BlueCruise route on September 1st, and hands-free took control. (I remember the date because it was a birthday trip for someone.) Then, I got 3.5.2 on 9/7 according to the app.

It first took control in heavy traffic. I wish I could say I was more impressed. BCHF on my truck seems to favor the lines next to traffic rather than biasing toward right or left sidemarker lines of multi-lane highways. It also seemed very abrubt in varying traffic speeds. Seriously, I can drive a hell of a lot better than that. There is some opinon I have read that jumping from 3.1 to 3.5.2 may have skipped any refinements to 1-pedal, regen, and BC in 3.4. I don't know.

I'm beginning to appreciate the fact that these systems are great checks on driver mistakes and have a better chance of saving my bacon than anything I've ever driven. But, I haven't gotten used to letting go of the wheel and letting the computer closely hug the lane separator lines. Sometimes, I wonder if it's camera alignment, but I think it has built-in self calibration.
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I have had the truck for a month and as of yet no updates!
The last one I have (3.5.2) is an early September release. If your truck didn't get it at the factory, the dealer may have done it in PDI. No PaaK here, either.
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