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no light bar on tailgate

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I drove a demo model of XLT at a local dealer yesterday. It was great. One pedal driving, neck snapping acceleration, plenty of screen area on 12" screen, comfortable ride.

Just thought it was strange the tailgate didn't have the LED bar. It had the clamp locations but not the liner. Wonder if they put a different tailgate on since there was a shortage or something.

Anyone else see that?
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Hold it…my XLT 312A list of provided items shows the signature rear lighting. And since the 8 way seats detail on 2-3-2, wave 3 order, showed the driver seat memory function, the 10 way seats are sure to have it as well? Plus the Build & Price shows the sliding rear glass in the interior photos w 12" screen, so why go to Lariat? Ford would not over promise and under deliver, right? @Ford Motor Company
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