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no light bar on tailgate

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I drove a demo model of XLT at a local dealer yesterday. It was great. One pedal driving, neck snapping acceleration, plenty of screen area on 12" screen, comfortable ride.

Just thought it was strange the tailgate didn't have the LED bar. It had the clamp locations but not the liner. Wonder if they put a different tailgate on since there was a shortage or something.

Anyone else see that?
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and my PRO will have neither light bar, which is perfectly fine for 1/2 the price of a Lariat ER, and won't miss it since it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the performance, usefulness, or utility of the truck - it's simply window dressing. Sure, the portrait 15" screen comes off as 'impressive' at first, but the usefulness of tactile PHYSICAL buttons and knobs make much more sense to me, as for the air conditioning, radio, etc.
I'll miss the fold-over computer/fastfood table-top, but maybe that's a modification option for later... the ER option would be nice, but it's not a deal-breaker in the least - paying $8k+ for an additional 90 miles of range is not that financially critical. The charging infrastructure is already growing rapidly, and the charging times are not nearly as stressful or inconvenient as some would suggest.
Owning two older Nissan Leafs with barely 60-70 miles of range on a good day makes for a happy man when the PRO arrives with 230. Oh, AND with a bed, and a front trunk, etc.
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I DO love the air conditioned seats in our brand New KIA Sorento PHEV, but it's not a deal-killer, and certainly NOT worth $8-$10 MORE just to get them. Yes, we all can 'love' many of the amenities certain car models brings, but honestly, if you are looking for a practical and utilitarian truck, I'm not concerned about the 'extras', at least I don't think I am : /
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