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No Charge Station Pro included?

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I picked up my Lightning Lariat extended range last week and did not receive the Charge Station Pro with it. The dealer said there were issues with them and they would be delayed.

Can anyone confirm this?
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My build week is still a few weeks away (9/5), but the last week of July SunRun called me to talk about installing the FCSP. They accidentally quoted me $1,650 for a California install before I pointed out that I was in Maryland, to which they said installation would run me $1,500 here. They said that if I hired them to do the install it would be completed before delivery of the truck; however, if I opted to hire someone else that the FCSP would be shipped via FedEx shortly after I took delivery of the truck. So, as mentioned by SteelTerp87, once your truck is marked as delivered, keep an eye out for the FedEx truck.
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