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NJ Utilities EV Charging Incentives

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Has anybody taken advantage of the NJ state charger incentive ? Any feedback?

I know the state utilities also have programs. Anybody utilize them yet?

I saw PSE&G is offering up to $1,500 towards installing an EV Charger at your house and off peak credits.

Anybody utilize this program yet?

Here is the link in advance because I know somebody is going to ask.

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I tried to apply for the charger credit from the State of NJ. I had a Wallbox installed. When I went online to fill out the form, the only manufacturer listed in the drop down menu was "Loop." I haven't had a chance to follow up yet.
This is the response I received from the State of New Jersey. Apparently, the manufacturers have to apply to the state to get on the approved list.

Thank you for your interest in the Charge Up New Jersey incentive program. Our team is currently working with manufacturers to add more eligible Level 2 chargers to the program's list. You can find the eligible models listed below. We are currently working to update the website with this list, but these are available to be applied for.

Blink HQ 150
BlinkHQ 200
Enel XJuiceBox 32 Hardwire
Enel XJuiceBox 32 Plug in
Enel XJuiceBox 40 6-50 Plug in
Enel XJuiceBox 40 Hardwire
Enel XJuiceBox 40-50 Plug in
LoopEV-Flex Lite

If your charger is not listed, our best advice would be to periodically check the EV charger section of our website for updates on eligible chargers moving forward. Manufacturers must register with the NJ Board of Public Utilities and be approved before being added to our list. This is a process Charge Up New Jersey has no hand in, and we are not able to expedite the process.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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