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Nice Snow Tires

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Just wanted to drop a quick note on snow tires.
I picked up these
Nokian Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV
Size: 275/60R-20

These went on a second set of 20" wheels that I had previously. The circumference is about equal to my Platinum's 275/50R22 wheels/tires.

Happy to report that they are super quiet snow tires, and I ended up having almost the same efficiency/mileage that I had with the 22" tires.
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I've had studded Hakkapeliittas for years, and they are amazing. Other studded snows have two rows of studs around the out-ish edges of the tires. The Hakka's have big gnarly teeth all over the tire. A few years ago we had a very bad ice storm here. I needed to visit a client who had a 1,000 foot driveway, uphill, completely untreated. I drove straight up without any wheel spin. They are loud, but truly amazing.
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