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Next round of production dates?

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Any ideas on when orders will be given a production date and VIN? This week?
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Someone on Reddit said they just received a production date of 5-2 late in March.

· 6 days ago

"So I'm going to tell you a story that might have hopes for you. I am wave 1 order and didn't get a production date either as I saw schedules go deep into May and early June. And then magically, I checked Ford reservations yesterday and I had a May 2nd production schedule date. I had been emailing Tim Bartz at Long MacArthur Ford in Salinas Kansas about some lightning stuff and he just happened to email me the same day I got the lightning production date. He runs a popular YouTube channel for that dealer. And he's a very informative guy on his channel. He said something interesting to me. That makes me think the rest of you might be okay too. He said that all these production dates were probably already scheduled for the waves, but that Ford just hasn't released the dates out to everybody yet. It makes sense because there's no way I should have got a May 2nd production date if they were filling up each build week as they go."
and this:
· 6 days ago

"Yeah got a call from my dealer yesterday at around 3pm CST and was told a build date had just been assigned. Like another poster here was given May 2nd. Was fully expecting a June build date. Mine is an XLT SR Wave 1 order so knew I was near the rear of the queue.
Dont give up hope yall these will all come in time."

Another "LightningOwner" said their dealer was asking if they would take an SR instead of an ER on their Lariat, as Ford was short on battery availability. That seemed to be confirmed by another person. Battery Supply Issues?
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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