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Newbie here

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We're going to order a Ford Maverick and still May when the ordering banks open up in August and found out about the lightning I'm really digging the pro model for the money trying to learn as much as I can about it I hope this is the site for that don't know anything about electric vehicles
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Welcome. There are lots of new EV owners here and others with lots of experience to help out. I hope you realize that it’s a lot easier to get a Maverick than a Lightning Pro.
Got the test drive and XLT tonight I was really impressed instant power brake really well the ride was great I took it on the short ride did some full throttle heads and it View attachment 3260 View attachment 3267 View attachment 3262 View attachment 3265 View attachment 3268 View attachment 3261 View attachment 3262 View attachment 3263

We'll see supposedly reservations are going to start again around July 18th we'll see
What we have heard is that during the summer existing reservation holders will be given opportunities to order. I' haven't heard when new orders would be taken.
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