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newbie from germany

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hi there,

living in germany, but driving US Ford since 21 years now. Actually a Mustang Bullitt 2020 from new, a ˋ67 GT-A 390 Mustang and a ˋ68 Lincoln Continentel coupe.
In germany the goverment do a lot of things to speed up solar energie at every home place, so it is the logical step for me, to try an order of a Lightning truck.
There is no information of Ford germany to offer an F Truck officially in germany. Hopefully I can organize one by myself.

One of the first questions will be, is it possible to place an order, or a reservation, online? Or is it a must to talk to a dealer?
I talk to a Dutch import/export dealer what‘s possible - he told me, I can spend $40k over sticker, plus tax, plus s/h, plus plus plus… total of something $165k🙈

So, I will to the long route, reading, asking around what to do and… wait like a lot of other members

thanks for helping hands in advance

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Willkommen in diesem Forum Günter!

I fully understand your desire to have a Lightning in Europe, I would love to bring mine over when we relocate from the US.

I used to have a Mustang Mach-E and was looking at importing that to Europe.

The biggest obstacle is charging. Currently European and North American chargers are different. The plugs are different and the voltage and hertz as well.

In the European version of the Mach-E I’ve been told there are different AC and DC converter units than in the North American version.

As the Lightning (currently) won’t be produced for other than the North American market it only comes with the American converter units.

You can have a US charger installed at your house (with some electrical finagling) but you won’t be able to charge the truck at any other place (high speed or regular outlet) which renders the truck usable for only local driving and gives you a terrible resale option.

I wish it wasn’t so as I would love to bring mine over one day.
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Hi Peter,

danke für das herzliche Wilkommen hier :giggle:

I‘m in the beginning of …all EV things. Sure, standard in V and Hz is different, my thoughts are, there must be an adapter, hopefully
I‘ve a guy here in GER, who is deep inside Tesla EV since 6 or 7 years and often he is promoting things around that car. Next step is a deep dive conversation, what‘s the differences between an EV with US specs and European specs.

habe a nice weekend
There’s an adapter for installing an American charger at home for sure, but I haven’t seen one available for “on the road” charging. If you find one I’d be very happy to hear about it!

Also be aware that Tesla have their own charging plugs. A European “from Tesla converter” might not work with an American truck.

Best of luck in your search :) Let us know what you figure out.
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