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New member. Upstate NY

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Reservation date 5/19 at 10:47pm. Order date 3/11/2022. Going through dealer. Just got on the Ford vehicle order tracking website and it’s listing a VIN #. Still no window sticker or production info. Guess I’m in waiting game. Any other way I can get updates?
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Hi there, fellow upstater here. Have either of you been able to test drive a Lightning yet? I was able to a few weeks ago at my dealer in Schenectady. I drove 10 miles and averaged 2.1mi/kw indicated.

I have a Lariat ordered with a scheduled production date of 9/12.
I know of 2 dealers in the Capital Region that have demo units, one of which has 2 on hand awaiting delivery. I would expect that most dealers should have a demo unit soon if they don't already.

My dealer called me to schedule a test drive the day they got plates for it. The demo belongs to Ford, not the dealer, so you'll need to sign paperwork and provide proof of insurance in order to drive it.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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