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New member. Upstate NY

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Reservation date 5/19 at 10:47pm. Order date 3/11/2022. Going through dealer. Just got on the Ford vehicle order tracking website and it’s listing a VIN #. Still no window sticker or production info. Guess I’m in waiting game. Any other way I can get updates?
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Friendly Ford in Geneva is great! That is who I got my current 2018 F-150 XLT 3.5EB from. I'm working through Romano Ford in Fayetteville as it is a bit closer to home than Geneva is. I bought my current truck from Friendly in Geneva about 16 months ago because they are the ones who had the exact truck I wanted and they were really great to work with. I hope they treat you as well as they did me last year. I'm not sure how you swung a 1/20/22 order with a 5/29/21 reservation but good for you! I'd love to know when yours is coming in... If you end up in front of me in spite of our similar build schedule, I might have to conveniently schedule a wine tour through Geneva and coincidently swing by Friendly Ford while your truck is charging!
I’m going through Ferrario Ford in Horseheads, NY. They indicated I was number 4 on their list - so I was surprised when I got a VIN. No word if any of the other 3 have received VIN’s.
Hi there, fellow upstater here. Have either of you been able to test drive a Lightning yet? I was able to a few weeks ago at my dealer in Schenectady. I drove 10 miles and averaged 2.1mi/kw indicated.

I have a Lariat ordered with a scheduled production date of 9/12.
Not yet. I haven’t even seen one yet in real life.

I did see a Rivian truck on Sunday parked at a winery along Seneca lake. Guy was from DC. Had it about a month. It looked sharp but is definitely not a full size truck.
Did you take possession yet? Blend date here 8/28 trying to figure out how long for shipment to dealer in this area. Thanks!
Delivery was on Thursday. Picking her up tomorrow.
I got my shipped email from Ford and the next day the dealer called as it had been delivered.


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