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New member. Upstate NY

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Reservation date 5/19 at 10:47pm. Order date 3/11/2022. Going through dealer. Just got on the Ford vehicle order tracking website and it’s listing a VIN #. Still no window sticker or production info. Guess I’m in waiting game. Any other way I can get updates?
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I haven't test driven one yet but my dealer had a mannequin that they said I could test drive once I had a ship date on mine. My blend date was supposed to be yesterday but I haven't been able to confirm anything the last couple of days. I'm keeping fingers crossed that I'll get confirmation that it is built in the next week or two and have a ship date around the same time. At that point, I'll let you all know what I think about my, as of yet theoretical, test drive I'll be able to take then.

Still waiting to see my first EV truck of any kind in the wild.
Watch for module activation.
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