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New member. Upstate NY

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Reservation date 5/19 at 10:47pm. Order date 3/11/2022. Going through dealer. Just got on the Ford vehicle order tracking website and it’s listing a VIN #. Still no window sticker or production info. Guess I’m in waiting game. Any other way I can get updates?
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Welcome! I'm guessing you're in the Binghamton area based on your username? I'm located outside of Syracuse but I left the 315 out of my handle. I placed my order on 3/10/22 and am slated for a build week of 7/4/22 (it used to be 7/18, then got moved to 6/20, but recently slid back to 7/4). I'm guessing I'll see mine around Labor day? Anyways, good to see someone else on here who's relatively nearby in the real world.
What up fellow orange blood?! I was a 6/20 build week and slid to 7/4 as well for my 312A XLT. Where is your order at? I am the only early-ish order at Friendly Ford out of Geneva, they dont have any others coming in even close to my timeline. I'm a 5/29 rez, 1/20 order so pretty late in the game as far as Ford preorders are concerned. There really arent a lot of CNY'ers with early orders from what I can tell.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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