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New member, soon to be new owner…

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Hello all,
I’m set to pick up my Lightning Lariat SR on Friday and am quite excited. This will be my 4th consecutive full-size truck and I also do have an EV sedan. This Lightning sort of fell in to my lap from dealer stock — I’m a bit ashamed as it wasn’t really on my radar despite me being a truck owner and also absolutely loving the EV experience in my sedan, and I feel awful that so many of you have waited without any luck — I don’t really feel deserving of getting one. That said, I think it must’ve been meant to be and am really looking forward to owning this truck!
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i took delivery yesterday of my Star White Lariat SR. So far, I am quite impressed. The truck is so quiet. I will agree with some previous comments about the learning curve for the various controls and settings as it really isn’t intuitive. But I will continue reading the manual and see what I can figure out. Here it is.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Vehicle Grille

For those of you in the Long Island/Metro area - I had a fantastic experience with Hassett Ford and would be happy to share more details - DM me.

My Rough Country manually retractable tonneau cover should arrive on Tuesday and is the only current planned add on. I will be upgrading the leather interior down the line as well but I’m not in a rush.
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