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Hey y'all, I've been lurking here for several months as my prospects of getting a truck became more real. I am a 5/21 reservation holder who had kind of given up on ever being invited to order. I was invited to order in the November wave and shit got real. I quickly realized I would much rather have a '22 than build a '23.

I called almost 100 dealers nationwide that showed a '22 Lariat in stock. I found a dealer not horribly far away who would sell me a Lariat ER demo/mannequin at MSRP. It has ~400 miles on it and is availble to purchase mid January.

This will be my first pickup and my first electric vehicle. The Lightning will be taking a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer off of daily driver duty. I'm as prepared as I can be I think. I've been reading on here about necessary apps like ABRP and Plugshare. I have had an electrician run a 100a 240V circuit to my garage. Now I just need the truck!
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